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A mindset to create game-changing initiatives

We believe that the best organizations of the future will empower the most talented people with the most powerful technologies. The future is streamlined, flexible, seamless and transparent.

Our approach helps our clients grow core businesses, launch new initiatives and improve systems to support their long-term strategy.

Our process

Through experimentation projects, we aim to build an understanding of how artificial intelligence systems work down to their smallest parts.           

We leverage this knowledge to build solutions to some of our clients' hardest challenges.

Agent-Based Training / Swarm Optimization1/5
Our generated agents created with leading AI has enough precision for support training, adversaries and patterns resulting in a versatile, quick, accurate, and computationally efficient approach to provide real-time feedback and optimization for decision-making.
Anomaly Detection2/5
We leverage our leading AI models to automatically recognize the trends and periodicity of any data source and let you know when an unusual situation happen, reporting immediately to stakeholders.
Machine Learning3/5
We use a variety of techniques to identify patterns in data. We use these patterns to better understand the world and to make better predictions and decisions.
Autonomous SystemsBETA
Our autonomous platform stack combines perception, decision-making, real-time mapping and simulation on a fully deployable system. With this functionalities, we vastly speed up our development services.
Federated IntelligenceBETA
An artificial intelligence framework that helps multiple stakeholders collaborate effectively over large datasets while developing new models. Providing an industry-standard for data security, privacy protection, confidentiality, and operational rules.

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Realistic simulations promote mission readiness

We are building the “brains” for future autonomous vehicles. A deep-learning based software in perception, mapping, simulation and data-driven path planning allowing the achievement of full autonomy.

Our recent Branding work
Augmented Reality1/5
Synthetic Data Simulations2/5
Adversarial Training3/5
Human-Machine Mission Planning4/5

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We use advanced AI and a low-code approach to deliver proven, enterprise-wide, transformational deployments to complex legacy systems of the defense industry.

Legacy Architectures Upgrade/5
No-Code Platform2/5
Enterprise Apps3/5
Native / Mobile Applications4/5
Advanced UX/UI5/5


Paseo de la Castellana, 77 / Madrid  28043 / Spain